Tell Us Your Ultimate Gay Fetish Fantasy

If you have a dream porn video you have always wanted, but not seen online, we can help.

Tell us your wildest fantasy.

Send us an email with your story and the kind of models you like. We are based in the Czech Republic and have access to many boys for these videos. We have a 400sqm studio with a large sex dungeon, gym, cinema, nightclub, hottub, pool table, living room, bedrooms and bathroom. Also shooting outdoors is possible in warmer months and we have access to other studios in the Czech Republic.

Pricing is on an individual basis and depends on the models, how many there are, the type of content, length of video, any props or sets that need designing.

All videos are shot with one 4K camera and 2 HD cameras. Optional 3D is also available.

Once the story is agreed and quote is sent payment can be made by various methods, please see payments page. Once payment is received we will book the models and shoot the video. The time for production can vary from 2 days to sometimes 1 month depending on the availability of the models and time to build sets and props.

Once filmed you will receive and email link to a .zip file containing the full camera footage from all 3 camera views. If you are not able to view 4K video we can send the 4K reduced to HD.

All videos are for private personal use only and cannot be shared online. As each video is personal to you we will know if you share it and legal action will be taken for fraud.

If you are interested in a video for commercial use on a website we can also do this but they are more expensive and require contracts to be signed.